Successful Businesses Require Strong Talent



We can understand your recruitment requirement

We can go into our network to find a suitable quality candidate

We try to contact those people to whom we may be known so that we can more accurately match the candidate to the requirement

Recruitment strategy

We can design an Executive Recruitment Strategy around your Corporate Objectives

We can conduct the initial interviews

We review a variety of backgrounds 

We seek to understand the willingness of candidates to relocate if necessary 

We try to assess longevity of tenure based upon a candidate's career aspirations 



We employ a proprietary methodology called M A T C H

•Missing: Identify the missing skills in your Organisation or Department

•Assess: Assess the available candidates based upon the hiring objectives

•Teach: Both the Hiring Mgr and the Candidate are taught about each other and the role requirements

•Confide: Formal Interviewing Process is explained and run

•Hire: Determine candidate's 30, 60, 90 day plan and hire/not hire


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